Anthony MEMIN

Geophysics and Geodesy

250 rue Albert Einstein
Les Lucioles 1, Sophia Antipolis
06560 Valbonne, France
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Public lecture - Pint Of Science

Antarctica as a witness of past and present-day climate change know +

New perspective on geocentre motions estimate from ground gravity observations

The geocentre motion is the motion of the centre of mass of the entire Earth, considered an isolated system, in a terrestrial system of reference. We first derive a formula relating... read +

Geodetic velocity errors induced by surface loading

Geodetic vertical velocities derived from data as short as 3 years are often assumed to be representative of linear deformation over past decades to millennia. We use two decades... read +

Possible detection of the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave in satellite gravimetry and altimetry over Antarctica

Assessment of the long term mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and thus the determination of its contribution to sea level rise, requires an understanding of interannual variability and associated causal mechanisms... read +